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Meadowlark Psychology

  Enjoying Life's Journey
Most of us will come to a time in our lives when we can use support outside our circle of friends and family. Maybe there has been an unexpected loss, like the death of a parent or beloved friend. Maybe you are under a lot of stress and it is affecting your life and relationships. Maybe despite the best efforts of the teacher and school, your child struggles, and you are searching for an answer.

Meadowlark Psychology was founded to provide you with warm, caring, expert guidance and support during such times in the forms of confidential therapy for children and their families, adolescents, adults and couples; learning and psychological assessments for kids; and workshops addressing special themes such as coping with stress and life transitions.

It takes great courage and sometimes personal hardship to risk placing your trust in someone new. I consider it an honor when my clients are able to do this. And I have the most profound respect for your strength as we work together to resolve the concern that has brought you to my door.

Dr. Mary Pat Traxler
Clinical Psychologist

With its melodious song and boundless energy, the Meadowlark is a symbol of hope, self-reflection and enjoying life’s journey.
  Dr. Mary Pat Traxler